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Aubery's Story

Aubery Sue Warkins was born on March 9th, 2017.  She was born 7 weeks prematurely with only one kidney that for the 1st 48 hours of her life had no function. There were talks of putting her on dialysis, but at her only 4 lb 1 oz birth weight there was no way dialysis would work. Thankfully before goodbyes had to be said, she finally urinated on her own! Her lab work was also improving, but her nephrologist believes a kidney transplant will be needed while she is in grade school. 

Another big setback keeping Aubery from going home was the lack of eating by mouth. She had to have a surgery to place a g-tube before she could be released to go home. The surgery was completed at the end of April, and finally on May 4th, 2017, after nearly 2 months in the NICU Aubery got to come home!

Without the doctors at CHOI Aubery would not be where she is today, and we are so thankful to have such a great hospital and team of doctors to care for her. She has been back in the hospital many times for illnesses and surgery since her discharge from the NICU, and we have had wonderful experiences with CHOI every single time. Thanks to the support of CHOI and Aubery’s friends and family she is a bright 1st grader at Jefferson Elementary! This miracle baby still has mountains to climb, but we know that when the time comes CHOI will be there to see her reach top. Aubery is strong, kind, and loving inspiration to all who meet her.


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