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Harrison's Story (Blessed Sacrament)

Harrison Arthur Crawford was born February 3, 2016. He was a perfect baby boy with no complications. Harrison was the 3rd child for our family and was born in God’s perfect timing. He was hitting all his milestones until he was about four months of age. It was then that Harrison began breathing fast and having complications with gaining weight.

We were admitted to OSF Children’s Hospital for evaluation after three weeks of doctor visits. Harrison was kept overnight for monitoring and it was that night that we learned that he was dropping his oxygen significantly while sleeping. Over the next two months Harrison was blessed with the best care from the OSF team. The nurses, residents, surgeons, specialist, therapist and countless staff worked to solve his complications and to send us home with the best plan for out little man to grow and thrive.

After lots of testing, consults, and countless hours of praying Harrison was diagnosed with severe acid reflux, aspiration when swallowing, and hypopnea when sleeping. In order to help him grow and heal him had a procedure called a Nissan and G-tube placement. The team also prescribed oxygen therapy to go home with to help him while sleeping.

For the next 2 years Harrison was cared for by a phenomenal health care team that helped him on his journey to be independent of medical devices. They provided support, education, and resources for both him and our family. We were both sad and thrilled the day his G-tube came out and he passed his swallow study because we had made a family at OSF.

Without the support of the religious community at OSF Children’s Hospital, our faith community at Blessed Sacrament, and our friends and family we would have never made it through. We felt every step of the way we were uplifted by prayer, compassion, and support, and for this we are eternally grateful. We are honored to be able to give back to community that gave us so much when we needed it.


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